Little Weather Mysteries: the Enigma of Snow Fire

By: Snowfire, 01:17:GMT den 11. januar 2007

Last night we had our first measurable snowfall, a dusting of perhaps an eighth of an inch. It is nothing unusual for this time of year, or should not be; but the fact that there has been no measurable snowfall until now certainly is. Records for the absence of a measurable snowfall so late in the season have been falling all around us, it seems. I had begun to wonder if we were going to go the whole season without snow. But these speculations are now put to rest. I...

Updated: 22:26:GMT den 27. januar 2007

Mr. Peabody's Coal Train: Global Warming and Coping with the Coming Coal Boom

By: Snowfire, 21:43:GMT den 09. juni 2006

Part 1: Peak Oil and its AftermathSlowly but surely, the world's supplies of petroleum and natural gas (and this includes tar sands and oil shale) are running short. We have known this for a long time. Figure 1 shows world production of these resources. We stand at the peak of the so-called Hubbert curve, when production is at its maximum. From here on, supplies will inexorably decline, even as demand will just as inexorably continue to increase.Figure 1: Past and ...

Updated: 16:29:GMT den 27. juli 2006

The Leaky Ship: Global Warming and the Geoengineering Question

By: Snowfire, 11:38:GMT den 21. mai 2006

Even among those who agree that the global warming/ocean acidification phenomenon is happening and represents a real threat to humanity's future well-being, there is often disagreement over the extent of what should be done, and to what extent. Of course, the usual bromides are trotted out about more efficiency, cleaner energy sources, and so forth; but depending on which version of the future one believes in, the 'inconvenient truth' is that these measures, even if...

Updated: 17:30:GMT den 31. mai 2006

Santa's Bathing Suit: Global Warming, Then and Now

By: Snowfire, 23:37:GMT den 14. februar 2006

***********POSTSCRIPT A ADDED 4/12/06*************Part 1: A Wake-Up Call from Long Ago At eighty degrees' north latitude, less than a thousand miles from the North Pole, lies the arctic tundra of Ellesmere Island in northern Canada. Winter lasts nine months of the year, and temperatures can approach -70F.The nearest tree of any sort is a thousand miles to the south. Yet hidden in the permanently frozen soil are the remains of a forest. Analysis shows the trees t...

Updated: 21:00:GMT den 12. april 2006

The tropics: Of what is past, or passing, or to come

By: Snowfire, 00:58:GMT den 09. november 2005

The time of reflection is upon us.Westerlies are invading the upper air, sea surface temperatures arefalling; and the ITCZ is rapidly retreating toward the equator. Thougha few pockets of possibility remain in the southern Caribbean, thisyear's epic meteorological display in the North Atlantic, if not over,is very nearly so. Mother Nature might still serve up asurprise after-dinner nightcap sometime between now and Christmas, butdessert has already been cleare...

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