The Fabulous Phoenix

By: Proserpina , 17:16:GMT den 25. april 2012

The Fabulous Phoenix

"The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise." Mighel de Cervantes.


Have you ever seen the legendary and colorful bird called the Phoenix? Has anyone ever seen the Phoenix? Have you ever wondered why there are so many places named Phoenix? Have you seen River Phoenix in a film? Seen an opera at La Fenice in Venice? Have you ever listened to Stravinsky’s ‘The Firebird’? Or driven the Firebird made by Pontiac? How about a Thunderbird? Do you live in Atlanta, GA where the city flag has the symbol of the Phoenix? Or maybe you live in Phoenix, AZ! Yes, the concept of the Phoenix is ever-present in our lives.

The Phoenix has been a mythological symbol for thousands and thousands of years encompassing many varied cultures. Despite the many different times and cultures the Phoenix is consistently characterized as a bird with extremely beautiful and colorful plumage. The colors of the plumage are vivid red, yellow, orange, and gold. The same colors used to describe fire. The bird’s characteristic that most unites the various cultures is the ability to resurrect from its own ashes.

In general the phoenix lives from five hundred to a thousand years, the bird dies in a self created fire, burns until it becomes ashes, and finally a new phoenix rises from the ashes. Life then is regenerated from death in a cyclical process and immortality is assured.

The name Phoenix is derived from the Greek word Phoinix which literally means ‘purple-red’. The Greeks referred to the Canaanite region as Phoenicia because its people were known for their trade of purple-red dye made from the Murex snail. (Some think that the poet Homer gave the name Phoenicia to the region.) The same Greek word was the origin of the red hued mythical bird’s name.

Some of the cultures that include the Phoenix as part of their mythologies are the Arabians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, American Indians, and possibly the Phoenicians.

The Phoenix in ancient mythology:

In the fifth century BC, the ancient Greek historian Herodotus gave an account of the phoenix. In part he says:

‘….its feathers are partly gold but mostly red, and that in appearance and size it is most like an eagle. There is a particular feat they say the phoenix performs; I do not believe it myself, but they say that the bird sets out from its homeland in Arabia on a journey to the sanctuary of the sun, bringing its father sealed in myrrh, and buries its father there.’

In his Metamorphosis, the Roman poet Ovid wrote:

‘Most beings spring from other individuals; but there is a certain kind which reproduces itself. The Assyrians call it the Phoenix. It does not live on fruit or flowers, but on frankincense and odoriferous gums. When it has lived five hundred years, it builds itself a nest in the branches of an oak, or on the top of a palm tree. In this it collects cinnamon, and spikenard, and myrrh, and of these materials builds a pile on which it deposits itself, and dying, breathes out its last breath amidst odors. From the body of the parent bird, a young Phoenix issues forth, destined to live as long a life as its predecessor. When this has grown up and gained sufficient strength, it lifts its nest from the tree (its own cradle and its parent's sepulchre), and carries it to the city of Heliopolis in Egypt, and deposits it in the temple of the Sun.’

Flavius Philostratus (c. AD 170) refers to the phoenix as a bird living in India, sometimes migrating to Egypt every 500 years. His account is inspired by Garuda, the bird of the Hindu god Vishnu.

Bennu, phoenix egyptian Egyptian Bennu

The earliest representation of the phoenix is the ancient Egyptian bird the Bennu. The name means ‘to rise brilliantly’ or ‘to shine’. The Bennu bird burst forth from the heart of Osiris. At the end of his life cycle, and after having gone through the fire ritual, the new phoenix flew to the Egyptian city of Heliopolis to bury the ashes of his ‘father’. It is possible that the Bennu was actually a large heron which now is extinct.

The Greeks adapted the word bennu and identified it with their word phoenix. They believed that the phoenix lived in Arabia next to a well. At dawn, it bathed in the water of the well, and the Greek sun-god Apollo stopped his chariot in order to listen to its song.

The Persians had the Huma, also known as the ‘bird of paradise’. Its mythical process is similar to the Egyptian phoenix. The Huma is considered to be a compassionate bird and it is said to bring good luck. Of course you have to touch it first!

The Chinese phoenix is called Feng-huang. It symbolizes completeness, incorporating elements of music, colors, nature, the joining of yin and yang. It is a symbol of peace, and represents fire, the sun, justice, obedience, loyalty, honesty, high moral values. The Feng-huang is immortal and does not need to die and be reborn.

The Japanese phoenix is called the Hou-Ou or Ho-Oo, Ho being the male and Oo being the female. It was introduced to Japan in the mid 6th century AD. It resembles the Chinese phoenix. The Ho-Oo appears only in peaceful times, a rare bird indeed. It has been adopted as a symbol of the royal family, and it represents the sun, justice, fidelity, and obedience.

The Russians have the Zhar-Ptitsa, the firebird. This is the subject of the 1910 ballet score by Igor Stravinsky.

Indian Thunderbird American Indian Thunderbird

The American Indians have their Thunderbird. The quote below pretty much describes the Indian view of the equivalent of the phoenix. (My apologies but I have no idea where I got the quote nor who the author is.):

“In the legends of native North Americans, the thunderbird is a powerful spirit in the form of a bird.
Lightning flashes from its beak, and the beating of its wings is creates the thunder.
It is often portrayed with an extra head on its abdomen. The majestic thunderbird is
often accompanied by lesser bird spirits, frequently in the form of eagles or falcons.
The thunderbird petroglyph symbol has been found across Canada and the United States.
Evidence of similar figures has been found throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe.”

The Phoenix in Religion

In Jewish legend, the name is Milcham or Chol. According to tradition, after Eve ate the forbidden fruit, she persuaded all of the animals in the garden to join her. There was one exception, the phoenix refused to eat of the forbidden fruit. As a reward, God set up the phoenix in a walled city where he would live for a thousand years. Every thousand years the bird would be consumed by fire and then reborn from an egg found in the ashes. The Angel of Death would never touch him.

Because the Phoenix is associated with rebirth (resurrection) and immortality, the Phoenix became a symbol placed on tombstones by the early Christians.

St. Clement, the Bishop of Rome, made a reference to the Phoenix in ‘The First Epistle to the Corinthians’. In Chapter 25-26 he quotes Job as saying:

"Thou shalt raise up this flesh of mine, which has suffered all these things."

St. Clement uses the legendary phoenix as an evidence for Christ’s ability to accomplish the resurrection of the faithful.

Also Christian literature of the Medieval and Renaissance eras frequently used the symbolism of the Phoenix.


The Phoenix in Literature, music, popular culture, etc.


1.Shakespeare frequently mentions the bird in his plays, also wrote the poem ‘The Phoenix and the Turtle. Below is a verse from the poem:

Phoenix of beautie, beauteous, Bird of any
To thee I do entitle all my labour,
More precious in mine eye by far then many
That feedst all earthly sences with thy savour:
Accept my home-writ praises of thy love,
And kind acceptance of thy Turtle-dove

2.First in the ranks see Joan of Arc advance,
The scourge of England and the boast of France!
Though burnt by wicked Bedford for a witch,
Behold her statue plac'd in glory's niche;
Her fetters burst, and just releas'd from prison,
A virgin phoenix from her ashes risen.
Lord Byron,(1809)

3.Edith Nesbit children’s novel “The Phoenix and the Carpet”.
4.Sylvia Plath alludes to the phoenix at the end of her poem ‘Lady Lazarus’


6.J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” novels feature a phoenix called Fawkes.
7.Karen Hesse’s science fiction novel “Phoenix Rising”


1.In Mozart's opera Cosi Fan Tutte, a faithful woman is said to be as hard to find as the mythological Phoenix

2.Photobucket Firebird Suite by Stravinsky

3.'The Firebird'is a 1910 ballet created by the composer Igor Stravinsky. The ballet is based on Russian folk tales of the magical glowing bird of the same name that is both a blessing and a curse to its captor.
4.Elton John ‘Grey Seal’
5.La Fenice (phoenix in Italian) is a famous opera house in Venice. It burned down in 1836 and then again in 1996, each time it was rebuilt. Sure has lived up to her name.
6.Robbie Williams in his album titled ‘I Have Been Expecting You’ includes a song called ‘Phoenix From The Flames’
7.“Ani DiFranco's song (covered by Alana Davis) "32 Flavors" contains the line "God help you if you are a phoenix and you dare to rise up from the ash; a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy while you are just flying past"
8.“The longest music video in history, "Runaway" by Kanye West, primarily focuses around a phoenix who has fallen to Earth and after being discriminated against, she bursts into flames to return to her original world. “
9.“Phoenix symbolism is used heavily in the music video for Marry the Night by Lady Gaga, particularly in the final scene.”
10.Recently Roger Zare composed a ‘Clarinet Concerto’ titled “Bennu’s Fire”.

Film and TV:

1.“In the Star Trek universe, Phoenix is the name given to the first man-made spacecraft to travel faster than light. It is named Phoenix because in the Star Trek timeline, the Earth was still recovering from the ravages of World War Three, and represents a reborn and bright future for humanity. There was also a Federation Starship called the U.S.S. Phoenix.”
2.“In Fantasia 2000, a Phoenix-like fire bird comes alive to the music of The Firebird Suite by Igor Stravinsky. Fiery destruction is followed by glorious renewal.”
3.“In both the 1965 and 2004 versions of "Flight of the Phoenix", a small cargo aircraft carrying some people and cargo crashes in the Sahara Desert after a violent sand storm forces them to land. The aircraft is wrecked but one passenger proposes to rebuild the aircraft with the one remaining engine and eventually the airplane flies again. The aircraft is "reborn" just like the mythical phoenix creature.”

As Mascot and Symbol:

seal of  Atlanta, ga Seal of Atlanta, GA

1.The Phoenix is the symbol on the seal and flag of the City of Atlanta, Georgia. The symbol became official in 1888 because it was ‘reborn’ from the ashes after it was burned down in the American Civil War.
2. “The City of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, uses its namesake creature in the city's flag, and as the city's logo.”
3.“The city of San Francisco, California has a phoenix on its flag, symbolizing the city's rise from the ashes of multiple fires and earthquakes from the mid-19th century through 1906.”
4.“The phoenix figures as a supporter on the coat of arms of Coventry, signifying its rise from the ashes after heavy bombing in World War II.”

University; of Oklahoma U of Oklahoma

5.The Phoenix is the mascot of Elon University, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, University of Chicago, Swarthmore College, and many other Institutions of Higher Education.

6.The original emblem for the seal of the USA was a phoenix (A better choice than the wild turkey that Ben Franklin wanted!). Eventually it was changed to an Eagle. (Many of the early mythological phoenixes were described as eagles.)

The Phoenix was the name of the pod that was made to rescue 33 men in the 2010 Copiapó mining accident in Chile on Oct. 13, 2010

Some of the information listed above is quoted from: ulture Link


There is a lot more that can be said and written about the concept of the Phoenix and its usage in our culture, but this blog is a bit long and I will have to continue with posts and or with a second blog.

In the meantime, please add your say, photos, videos, graphic, poems, etc. that deal with the idea of the beautiful and immortal Phoenix.

Phoenix rising

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144. Proserpina
14:31:GMT den 29. mai 2012
15 dead in latest killer quake in Italy
Updated 07:07 a.m., Tuesday, May 29, 2012
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MIRANDOLA, Italy (AP) — Italian authorities say a powerful earthquake has killed at least 15 people and others may be missing in the latest deadly temblor to hit northern Italy.

The Tuesday morning quake had a 5.8 magnitude, rocking one of Italy's most productive regions.

Thousands of people have been living in tents in the area since a 6.0 magnitude quake devastated towns north of Bologna on May 20.

Factories, warehouses and churches collapsed in the mid-morning quake in the Emilia Romagna region.
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Read more: atest-killer-quake-in-Italy-3592160.php#ixzz1wGkGe L00
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143. Proserpina
12:17:GMT den 29. mai 2012 arthquake

"A 5.8-magnitude earthquake shook a large swath of northern Italy on Tuesday morning, killing at least 10 people and bringing down buildings already damaged by a quake that hit the area nine days ago.

The earthquake, which was felt as far away as Austria, was centred 25 miles (40km) north-west of Bologna, near Mirandola, close to where the earlier 6-magnitude quake had struck in the early hours of 20 May, killing seven.

The latest quake struck at 9am when many more local factories were open – a likely reason for the higher death toll.

At least one employee at a factory in Mirandola was reported dead after the building collapsed, one day after it had reopened following the earlier quake. In the same town a person was also killed when a house collapsed.

In Rovereto sul Secchia, a priest was killed by a falling beam when his church partially collapsed on him. Father Ivo Martini was visiting the church, which had been damaged in the earlier quake, to see if he could salvage a statue of the Madonna.

In Cavezzo, where a number of industrial buildings damaged on 20 May collapsed, a woman reportedly died in a furniture factory. Two cheesemakers were injured in the area when large wheels of Grana Padano cheese fell on them from shelves.

Deaths were also reported in San Felice sul Panaro, Concordia and Finale Emilia. A woman in Rolo was in a serious condition after taking fright during the quake and leaping from her second floor window.

Rescuers were searching through collapsed structures in Cavezzo, Medolla and Mirandola as dozens of aftershocks were registered throughout the area, five of which were over four in magnitude.

A castle in the town of Finale Emilia, which was damaged on 20 May, reportedly suffered further damage on Monday. The roof of the cathedral in Mirandola collapsed.

Thousands of locals are living in tents and temporary accommodation in the wake of the first quake, afraid or unable to return to their homes.

On Tuesday, the Italian prime minister, Mario Monti, asked people in the earthquake zone to "have faith" in rescue services. In Bologna, authorities were phoning up to 12,000 elderly residents individually to offer advice as aftershocks continue.

"The fact that workers are again dying in these new shocks makes me think that factories were not rendered safe before sending people back to work," said Susanna Camusso, head of the CGIL union.

Experts have said that the area was not considered at risk of seismic activity until new studies were carried out in 2004.

In Parma, a football friendly between Italy and Luxembourg due to be held on Tuesday evening was called off. The car manufacturer Ferrari sent employees home from its assembly line in Maranello "to allow them to reach their families".

Schools were evacuated across the Emilia Romagna region, but also in Florence in Tuscany. A hospital was reportedly evacuated in Modena and train services at Bologna were delayed for checks to the lines.

People in Bologna rushed into the street at the moment of the quake, which was felt in Milan, Genoa and in the Veneto and Trentino regions. A statue in Venice collapsed as the quake struck."
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
142. Proserpina
12:09:GMT den 29. mai 2012
Another earthquake in the Bologna area. news services report — A magnitude 5.8 earthquake shook northern Italy on Tuesday - the second in the region in just over a week - killing at least eight people according to Italian news reports.

The United States Geological Survey said the quake, which struck at 9:00 a.m. local time (3 a.m. ET), was centered 25 miles northwest of Bologna.

Three of the victims died when a factory collapsed in San Felice sul Panaro in the Emilia Romagna region, Carabinieri police provincial commander Salvatore Iannizzotto said.

Earthquake also in Messina and surrounding areas. This one was small but big enough to be felt in Malta! No damage reported so far.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
141. GardenGrrl
14:44:GMT den 28. mai 2012
Good Morning. Great Eagle Header for Memorial Day.
We have the Flag out instead of the usual garden flags.
Will most likly be shopping today and helping the economy ;)
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
140. Ylee
15:01:GMT den 27. mai 2012
Pros, I certainly sympathise with you working in that sweatshop laundry! Sounds like you had heatstroke a couple of times, which can be life threatening if you weren't treated immediately! I've suffered from heat exhaustion two or three times, where I'd get woozy, but never fainted. It only happened here once in almost six years under abnormal circumstances, so I'm not doing too bad! Rest assured, if I'm blogging, I'm keeping cool, lol!

Your hairdresser sounds like a hard-working, driven lady! Those people usually take pride in their work, as well!

Have a nice time getting your "do", lol!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
139. Proserpina
13:24:GMT den 27. mai 2012
Patti, I will definitely use your method! Thank you so much for letting us know, it certainly is less traumatic and disgusting!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
138. redagainPatti
12:56:GMT den 27. mai 2012
They are going to be bad down where I live this year due to the very warm winter we had... here is what our school nurse is doing and emailed out to the whole school -
"Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick with the soap-soaked cotton ball and swab it for a few seconds (15-20); the tick will come out on its own and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away. This technique has worked every time I've used it (and that was frequently), and it's much less traumatic for the patient and easier for me."
Let me know how it works for ya'll
-- redagainPatti
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
137. Proserpina
12:17:GMT den 27. mai 2012
Good morning and Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Alley, thank you for the graphic. Grateful prayers for those we lost, may they rest in peace. We do need to remember what MD represents besides cookouts and beaches and....

Karen, I remember the old remedies for extracting ticks once imbedded in one's body. I used the match 'trick' myself! We used to camp a lot and our children especially were magnets for ticks. The first time I found one on Rain I was in a state of panic (after all we knew the dangers of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lime Disease was not known at the time). We drove to the foot of the mountain to find a phone (no cell phones at that time) and a drugstore, I called my doctor's office for advise who graciously gave it. And after playing with matches we got the hated tick out of his body. Over the years it became easier to deal with them except when they are on me, the very thought makes me crawl out of my own skin!

Briar, I have used prescription Frontline on Koko and it works but it makes K sick so I used it when it became absolutely necessary. This year, after I found a tick in K's ear, I bought a Herts (sp?)over the counter med and so far it has worked. I'll go back to the prescription med if necessary but it really is a nasty med.
As to mosquito, well that's another worry for this area as we have West Nile Virus to be concerned about. And just like the ticks, the mosquitoes will be rampant this year due to the mild winter.
Yes, it was nice to catch up with friends and yesterday we caught up with my brother and his friend's news. We went out to lunch and had an nice chat with a little reminiscing! They recently came back from a cruise and are planning the next one. The next one will be of the Italian Islands! I so wish that I were going on the It. cruise!

, you need one of those little fans that people carry around in the summer. Maybe you could attach it to your hat and aim it toward your face.... Seriously, you are a hard worker and I admire you. I hope that you do get some cool air now and then while you are working. Have you ever read my story about when I was a teenager and I worked at a linen laundry? My job? manning the huge irons that pressed the sheets! It was summer school vacation and no air conditioner in that plant! I have not 'forgiven' my parents for allowing me to work in a condition that almost killed me (I fainted once or twice from the incredible heat).

, I do not know who the little girl is but she sure looks sweet from the back. I wish I were doing her kind of dancing! Mine is a contortionist dance in an effort to avoid contact with vegetation. This year we really have a lush jungle replete with ticks and mosquitoes! I am sure that soon the gnats will make their appearance in full force, joy, joy! The mild weather is to be blamed.
Thank you for checking on me, you are so kind and I am so grateful to know you.

Time to go get ready for the day and my hair appointment. My hairdresser only works on the weekend these days, she is going to college to get a degree. I admire her goals and commitment to an education despite her age. So to accommodate her, Sunday is the day I get my hair done.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
136. Alleyoops
09:02:GMT den 27. mai 2012
Memorial Day Images, Quotes, Comments, Graphics

Thinking of you all. Have a blessed day.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
135. SBKaren
00:54:GMT den 27. mai 2012
Hi Pros - I'm sorry to hear about your tick bite!

Briar - I use Advantage on all my animals too, with no problem. I find Amazon to have the best prices around, unless you know something I don't! If you find a good deal, please share! I just spent nearly $100 for a 12 month supply for my dog, and nearly $50 for a 6 month supply for the cats. Cat Advantage is more than dog Advantage. And I did a little research. K-9 Advantix is for fleas and ticks, and Advantage is just for fleas. Thankfully we don't have to worry about ticks.

Pros - when I was in 6th grade I had a tick burrowing in the back of my neck. I felt something there, but of course I couldn't see it. I went to my mom, lifted up my hair and said, "What is it?" She told me to hold still as it was a tick. I think they put a match to it, or something. This was over 45 years ago so I don't remember.

I also don't remember anything about lime disease back then. But our poor dog would get so many ticks. We would take him to the vet about every other week and they would fill a jar. Sickening is what it was. This was when we lived in the foothills of Studio City for a short six months - but all through summer.

Our dog was also bitten by a rattle snake. I was the one who discovered it. He was so lethargic and when I got down to pet him, I noticed his paw was HUGE! The vet said if it hadn't been a baby rattler, we probably would have lost him.

I bet our dog was probably the happiest one when we moved back to our house in the valley! LOL

Thankfully we don't have to worry about mosquitoes here. Probably not hot enough for them? I don't know. I think it's because we always have a breeze. That's also why we don't get as hot as it does inland, and sometimes I'd like it to be a bit warmer. But when I hear all these bug/insect stories, well then, I guess the breeze is OK!

Sure hope you feel better soon. You've had the year, haven't you?
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
134. Ylee
17:06:GMT den 26. mai 2012
It is a hot one, isn't it, Pros! A good time to stay in an air-conditioned house! I have to work dayshift today through Monday, not much relief for me! I do have a well-air-conditioned shack, though! The digital readout on the A/C says 68 degrees, which is comfortable while wearing the necessary long-sleeved shirt!

Dancing is good exercise! :) Take care!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
133. BriarCraft
16:53:GMT den 26. mai 2012
Sorry to hear about tick bites on you and Koko. That certainly is a nasty side-effect of mild winters. There was no deep-freeze here over the winter, either, so I expect we'll have plenty of fleas and maybe some ticks, too. I just spent $100 on feline Advantage for a 2-month supply for my cats (5 of them). On the vet's recommendation, I used Revolution last year, which caused nasty sores at the application site that took forever to heal. I think that must have been uncomfortable for my little furpersons, so we'll see how Advantage works for them.

So glad you were able to get together with that large group of friends. It's good to be able to catch up with friends-seldom-seen.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
132. sandiquiz
15:00:GMT den 25. mai 2012
Came to check in on you - glad to see you have posted!

Could this be you when you went out to feed the birds!

Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
131. Proserpina
12:08:GMT den 25. mai 2012
Good morning from muggy VA! Seventy nine degrees at 7 am this morning!

Shore, that article-blog could have been written by me! All that she says and I happen to know, is the reason that I ran to the doc's yesterday morning when I saw the rash. I also read the article (pointed out by a reader) about a study done about treatment with Doxyycycline, my doc is following the recommendations as this is the antibiotic prescribed me.
This morning when I went out to feed the birds, I was doing a lovely dance to avoid the day-lily leaves crowding the path to the feeders! I have always been vigilant about ticks and now I am a zealot vigilant. I know though, that these darn critters will find you no matter what, ugh!
Your comment about looking forward to Sunday, implies that you will be working Saturday as well. I do hope that you will get a day or two to rest, we all need it.

Ylee, once they put you on the antibiotics regimen for tick bites, test or no test, they tell you to finish the treatment. At least this is what I was told yesterday. I was given lots of explanations and they did make sense.
What have you been up to? Do you have any plans for the Memorial weekend?

Hi Sandi, I guess it is time to come live in England. I sure would love to live in an area where there are no ticks, malaria less mosquitoes, almost no poisonous snakes, etc. Is there a house for sale on your street?

Yes Kat, I needed this new 'punishment' like I need an open sewer running through my living room!
More and more your Ant is a welcome sight to remind me to be resilient, and so far I am.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and stay safe please.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
130. shoreacres
11:28:GMT den 25. mai 2012
Good morning, Pros,

When I first read this little post on ticks, I thought, "Someone is going to need this information and now I'll know where to find it." Little did I imagine it would be you!

I'm sure you know most of what's included, but it's a well-done post, and there might be a tidbit or two. Me? I'm just swatting mosquitos - I've discovered the downside of working in my gardenia patch is a surfeit of those critters.

Have a great day - it's turned light, and it's time for me to get off to work. I'll be glad to get to Sunday!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
129. Ylee
01:47:GMT den 25. mai 2012
Pros, here's hoping that the blood test comes back negative, and the antibiotics are just a precaution that you will be able to stop taking!

Ticks are bad this year; I try to keep the paths on the family farm cut real short to keep ticks at bay.

Take care!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
128. sandiquiz
17:45:GMT den 24. mai 2012
There is a lot to be thankful for when you live in the UK - only one biting snake, no ticks, the mosquitoes don't carry malaria, no poisonous spiders, and although I complain, no real extremes of temperatures!

Poor you - as Kat said - it never rains but it pours:(

Take it easy.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
127. ColoradoKat
16:25:GMT den 24. mai 2012
Oh, gee, that is just what you needed, right?
When it rains it pours. :-(
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
126. Proserpina
14:44:GMT den 24. mai 2012
Good morning Ylee, Karen, Kat, Shore.

My life would not be complete if I did not have the periodic and sometimes daily 'new event'. So what is new today? This morning I noticed that one of the two bug bites on my neck (toward the back so I can't see clearly)has a circular appearance. I went to the doc to have it checked. We can't know for sure unless we do blood work in a few days but if we wait it will be too late to treat. Yes, it is three weeks of antibiotics for me just in case the 'bulls eye' appearance of the bite turns out to be Lime Disease (or other tick disease). This 'event' might curtail my gardening fever! Or at least I will apply bug killer every time I step outside. By the way, I did pull off a tick from Koko's ear a few days ago, we are infested this year. Mild winters seem nice but mild winters do not kill ticks and other unwanted insects.

Well, stay away from nasty little bugs!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
125. shoreacres
02:43:GMT den 24. mai 2012
Evening, Pros - I brought you this set of photos just in case you missed seeing them at Bug's or GGs. I've never heard of such, but my friend Wendy in Louisiana got ahold of these photos of a pink cattle egret. There's a little background on her blog - I certainly hope the LSU folks help unravel the mystery of this one!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
124. ColoradoKat
01:41:GMT den 24. mai 2012
Glad you like him! There is no place else he
should be!:-D
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
123. SBKaren
01:40:GMT den 24. mai 2012
I thought of you and your family immediately when I heard of the earthquakes in Italy. From what I scanned, it sounds like your family was not affected. But the old buildings...sigh. Nothing you can do.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
122. Ylee
00:49:GMT den 24. mai 2012
Good evening, Pros! So good to see you here again!

Sounds like you're having what we had a couple of days ago! The little pop up storms would just sit there and get stronger and it would thunder and rain for hours, with very little movement!

Sorry to hear of all the Italian buildins and monuments that fell during the earthquake! Maybe they will be restored back to what they once were!

Have a nice evening!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
121. Proserpina
23:36:GMT den 23. mai 2012
GG, this cat does look like Sandi's beautiful cat. Yes, the video brings a smile to one's face. I love the way she/he dips the paw and then licks the paw.
Yes, more earthquakes in Italy. This one in an area that normally doesn't have earthquakes. And as usual, the earthquake caused historical (UNESCO sites) to crumble. They stood for many centuries and in one minute they are gone!

Sandi, were you as busy today as you were yesterday? I managed to do a whole lot of nothing in the last two days. I did do my homework for tomorrow's class and that's a miracle since I really do not like to do homework anymore.
The Follet book that I am reading made me think of you. I came across a sentence about a train that happily 'chuffed' his way down the railroad...

Alley, I hope that you are feeling well today and that the blues have left you. They have not left me yet but I am working on it. I too feel very tired, interestingly we both have thyroid problems which do cause a feeling of tiredness if the dosage of the meds need to be tweaked a little. Take care Alley. I'll check on you soon, maybe on FB.

Ylee, just checking in before someone thinks that I have left the country! I hope work is going well and that you are enjoying your home and family.

, glad that you are learning a lot from the online course. I think that it is fantastic that nowadays one can take college courses on line and get credit for them! It allows many working people, stay at home moms, etc. to get or finish a college education while pursuing a regular job, raising a family,...
Did your friend come over for supper and a photography excursion?
I have not been to a movie house for a long long time. When I watch a movie at home (rarely at that) I am able to pause, take a break, do a chore, and get back to the movie without missing anything. Very convenient and not stressful.

We just had a thunderstorm, a few pretty good boomers and heavy rain for a few minutes. Still dark out there but quiet at the moment. The last couple of days have been horribly muggy, a foretaste of what is to come as the summer approaches. Ugh! Have a wonderful evening everyone.
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120. Proserpina
23:16:GMT den 23. mai 2012

I received this special gift this afternoon and I am still laughing. I needed the laugh and the mailman brought it! Our dear Kat found this and decided that I would be the perfect recipient of the 'red ant'. She is right! Thanks a million Kat. (I got Kat's permission to mention her name.)
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119. GardenGrrl
18:34:GMT den 22. mai 2012
Hey Prose, perhaps you can read a bit of Terry Pratchett.
That will get you laughing.

I think Sandi's cat made a You tube Video. Think we should tell Sandi what Blue's been up to?

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118. sandiquiz
17:26:GMT den 22. mai 2012
Hi ho :-)
I managed to get several jobs done today, after I arrived home, including cutting the lawn. Finally, after all the wet we had, the clay has dried out enough to take my weight and that of the lawnmower! lol

Hope your day is going well, and the canvases you set up are slowly getting covered with paint:)
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117. Alleyoops
16:07:GMT den 22. mai 2012
Good mornining PROS, guess you and I are sharing the same "leave me be" doldrums. Like you I have been doing a lot of reading. Started a new book called the Partner and hopefully it will keep me out of mischief....

We just had our long wknd "Victoria Day" here and next wknd is your holiday. Nice that you can get to spend time with family. Maybe June will be a better month for both of us. I don't know why I feel drained so much, but maybe the doc on Friday can give me some answers.

Anyway, enjoy your quiet time dear one. I guess we all need them once in a while. BIG HUGS
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116. Ylee
05:31:GMT den 22. mai 2012
Hi, Pros! Just checking in! Everything's doing OK here on the home front, hope yours is too!

Take care!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
115. GardenGrrl
20:52:GMT den 21. mai 2012
More Earthquakes? Yikes. All those buildings lasting a hundred years or so and now earthquakes. Italy doesn't need to do a Phoenix. It's fine just as it is.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
114. Ylee
19:44:GMT den 20. mai 2012
Happy Sunday, Pros! When I heard about the earthquake, I checked the WU cams around Bologna to see if I could see any damage, but didn't see anything.

Hope you are doing well!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
113. shoreacres
12:09:GMT den 20. mai 2012
Oh, my goodness, Pros! I came to say good morning and discover news of an earthquake! I've not read the entire article yet - and there wasn't a single headline in the news aggregators I looked at. Maybe I forgot to refresh the pages. ;)

How was the movie last night? I'm a bit like you, I guess. I have little patience for movies - that's one reason I prefer to watch at home. If I've paid good money and am sitting in a theatre, then decide it's an awful film, I can't make myself get up and walk out. At home? I can either turn it off or go find something else to do while I wait to see if it improves. Besides, most of the current releases at the cinemas don't appeal. I've started reading a couple of bloggers who review independent films, and have a little list from them of some that sound good.

Life has just been chaotic around here. I know I'm over-extended, and I need to stop that. Right now. I did so want to take that online class - for the experience of taking the class as much as for the content - and now I've learned two important things: online classes can be really superb, and I don't need to know all that stuff about computers. ;)

On the other hand, there's been a lot about images that's been very, very helpful. I've learned a good bit about resolution, sizing, the difference between preparing online and print images, and so on. Since that's the heart of what I wanted from the course, I think I'm doing to dump the rest of it. It's not like I need it to graduate!

It sounds like your lunch with your friends was wonderful. I'm so glad you had a good time - it must feel wonderful to be getting out and about a bit. I'm going to try and get the house cleaned, a new post ready for wordpress and a few other things done today. A friend is coming for an early supper, and then we're taking our cameras down to Galveston. At least we are if we can get our chores done, first. One of the great things about our friendship is that if one says at the last minute - oops! I can't go! the other doesn't mind. Well, unless we're going to a concert or something. But this is different. We may even decide it's just too danged hot - which is has been!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
112. Proserpina
11:54:GMT den 20. mai 2012

Associated Press

SANT'AGOSTINO DI FERRARA, Italy——One of the strongest earthquakes to shake northern Italy rattled the region around Bologna early Sunday, killing at least four people, toppling buildings and sending residents running into the streets, emergency services and news reports said.

The magnitude-6.0 quake struck at 4:04 a.m. Sunday between Modena and Mantova, about 35 kilometers north-northwest of Bologna, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

A fireman hoses down a fire next to a crashed building in Finale Emilia, Modena, Emila Romagna region, which was damaged by a strong earthquake that hit the northern Italian region, early 20 May 2012.

Initial television footage indicated that older buildings had suffered damage: roofs collapsed, church towers showed cracks and the bricks of some stone walls tumbled into the street. As dawn broke over the region, residents milled about the streets inspecting the damage.

News reports, citing emergency services, said three people were killed in Sant'Agostino di Ferrara when a ceramics factory collapsed. Another person was killed in Ponte Rodoni do Bondeno, ANSA said.

Italy's Sky TG24 showed images of the collapsed ceramics factory where the two workers were reportedly killed; the structure, which appeared to be a hangar of sorts, had twisted metal supports jutting out at odd angles amid the mangled collapsed roof.

"This is immense damage but the worst part is we lost two people," said Stefano Zeni, a worker in the factory.

Sky said two other people died of apparent heart attacks in the wake of the quake.

"It was a strong one, and it lasted quite a long time," said Emilio Bianco, receptionist at Modena's Canalgrande hotel, housed in an ornate 18th century palazzo. The hotel suffered no damage and Modena itself was spared, but guests spilled into the streets as soon as the quake hit, he said.

Many people were still awake at 4 a.m. and milling about town since it was a "white night," with stores and restaurants open all night. Museums were supposed to have remained open as well but closed following the bombing Saturday of a school in southern Italy that killed one person.

The epicenter was between the towns of Finale Emilia, San Felice sul Panaro and Sermide but was felt as far away as Tuscany and northern Alto Adige.

The initial quake was followed about an hour later by a 5.1-magnitude temblor, USGS said. It was preceded by a 4.1-temblor.

In late January, a 5.4-magnitude quake shook northern Italy. Some office buildings in Milan were evacuated as a precaution and there were scattered reports of falling masonry and cracks in buildings.

In 2009, a devastating temblor killed more than 300 people in the central city of L'Aquila
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111. sandiquiz
10:04:GMT den 20. mai 2012
My dad always said :-

"A car is a hole in the road where you throw spare cash and a house is a box into which you throw your life savings!"

Owning both means you never have any money!

My road tax is due at the end of this month and the car MOT and service is due by the end of June - bang goes £500 !!! lol

Dad also said - "There are no pockets in shrouds, so why worry about money!"

Happy Sunday, hope it is a lovely day for you!
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110. Ylee
19:13:GMT den 19. mai 2012
Hi, Pros! Hope you are having a nice Saturday! Did your hubby pick a good movie last night?

Didn't know about Donna Summer's passing until I hit the blogs today. Was busy messing around the garden tilling and hoeing and basically getting stuff caught up around the house. Tiring, but good medicine, just the same! :)

Take care!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
109. Proserpina
23:39:GMT den 18. mai 2012
Hello everyone. I enjoyed my day out with friends/colleagues. There were 20-21 of at the restaurant and there was lots to talk about, to catch up on, to compare dyed hair and fatter bodies (except for two of the guys, unfair), try to avoid old age maladies, enjoy the food,.... I had not seen many of these people for quite some time since I have not been able to join them for many months. So today was a treat for me.

On the way home I ran some errands, and when I got home I took K for a walk. Before I left for lunch we had several workers lift off tile in our sun room to see what caused a crack in some of the tiles. It seems that the cement base underneath the tile settled and caused damage to the tile. The floor was reenforced and new tile is in place. Problem solved.

MASS, no whining but lots of chat and laughter.
My husband and his family lived in Quincy when I met him,and by then my family had moved to Holbrook. We lived in Dorchester the first 5 or 6 years after our coming to MA, and when I started college my parents and family bought a house in the South Shore. I went to Junior High and High School in Dorchester. We lived off Talbot St. and on Sundays we used to take strolls to Franklin Park for picnics and relaxation. We walked several miles each way and loved it! I have some good memories of that area as well as some sad memories.
As to Carlos Fuentes, my masters degree is in Spanish Literature. I was a 'star student' (humbly said) and my professors used to include me not only in official events (beyond the classroom) but also in the private receptions for visiting writers. As a result I met several world renown writers such as Fuentes and Borges. I really lucked out and had several mentor professors, who also became friends.
I hope that you had a lovely day today. We had lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures.
Wishing you a good evening and a wonderful weekend.

Sandi, it was nice to get out today and enjoy laughter and chat. As you know, I have been unable to join my friends in activities for many months, so today was a nice treat.
What is the outcome of the insulation assessment? There is always something that needs repair, improve, add,... to a house. Having a home is nice, having a house is constant expenses!

Weatheringpoints, how wonderful that you visited here. Thank you so much for the kind comments about the blog. It is nice to know that the time I put into some of my blogs is worthwhile.
Thank you so much for the links, I have not gone to them yet as I have not had much free time today but am looking forward to finding out what they offer that might help me with my sleep.
I have not listened to the video either but I am sure that I will enjoy it. You have a lot of knowledge about music, songs, videos, etc. You always have the perfect choices to post for us and the different occasions. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and the time you put into searching the perfect thing to post.

Hi Ylee. Hopefully you are having a good time, at least a relaxing time.

It seems that hubby has a movie from netflex (sp?) and is suggesting that I see it with him. He knows that I really do not like to sit for a couple of hours to watch a movie unless it has a good plot and offers some food for my mind. He thinks that this one will please me. So tonight is a movie night. Have a wonderful evening everyone.
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108. masshysteria
14:14:GMT den 18. mai 2012
Good Morning, Pros ~

I just read Sandi's post below which mentions of your lunching with friends today. It looks like you'll have the perfect weather in which to dine and whine. (Just kidding about the whining). Naturally, I hope you and 'the gals' have a most enjoyable luncheon and week ahead!

Thanks for your insightful posts concerning Donna Summer's passing the other day. I had no idea you lived in the Dorchester area as a youth. I mistakenly thought you were raised in the Quincy area. I guess that might have come later. Nevertheless, the accolades for Donna have come pouring in on many social websites and local or national radio and TV stations. She was definitely such a gifted singer, but one who made good use of her talents and remained grounded to her roots. The music industry has certainly taken quite a hit this year with the passing of so many terrific legendary artists. I'm really feeling my age.

Hope you and yours are feeling and doing well, and continue enjoying pleasurable weather with any future outings ahead.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
107. sandiquiz
07:19:GMT den 18. mai 2012
Good morning -Happy Friday!
Hope you have a wonderful lunch out with your friends today. I am waiting for a man to come!!! lol

He is going to check out the insulation in my loft and see if it needs increasing, as the government rules on the amount you should have has changed. Hopefully it won't cost me too much, and I can benefit from a warmer house this coming winter!!

Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
106. weatheringpoints
20:50:GMT den 17. mai 2012
Hi Pros, so sad to hear about Donna Summer today :(
Meant to stop by before now...It's a really lovely Phoenix blog!
(my high school's mascot was the Phoenix)
Also, I wanted to leave you these links. Maybe it will be helpful to you.
Have you tried Dr. Oz's One Hour Sleep Countdown?
video here: Dr. Oz's Sleep Countdown

I left a couple of Donna Summer's songs on mass' blog earlier.
Here's a longer version of Ani DiFranco's song to enjoy,

Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
105. Proserpina
20:28:GMT den 17. mai 2012
RIP Donna Summers!

This talented woman went to JE Burke High School in Dorchester, MA. She left in 1967. I graduated from JEB High School.

My husband and I were big on Disco dancing and danced to her music for many years. Her music gave us pleasure, fun, opportunities to show off our dancing.

"Summer attended Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Boston, where she starred in the school musicals and was very popular. She was also something of a troublemaker as a teenager, sneaking out to parties to circumvent her parents' strictly enforced curfew. In 1967, at the age of 18, only weeks before her high school graduation, Summer auditioned for and was cast in a production of Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical scheduled to run in Munich, Germany. Overcoming her father's initial objections, she accepted the part and flew to Germany with her parents' reluctant approval. Summer learned to speak fluent German within a few months, and after Hair finished its run, she decided to remain in Munich, where she appeared in several other musicals and worked in a recording studio singing backup vocals and recording demo tapes."

Read more of the article at: 073
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
104. Ylee
06:59:GMT den 17. mai 2012
Hi, Pros! Hope you are sleeping soundly!

Sorry to hear of Mr Fuentes' passing. I've never heard of him, but that fact that you interacted with him makes him extra special to you, and that's all that matters!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
103. masshysteria
16:16:GMT den 16. mai 2012
Good Morning, Pros ~

The name, Carlos Fuentes, rings a faint bell with me, as I believe I may have possibly seen him on TV, at one time or another, discussing his book? I'm not exactly sure. Nevertheless, sad that such a talented and accomplished Latino professor and writer has died. He obviously touched the souls of many students and readers. ~ RIP ~ .

On a different note, sorry that you continue having difficulties sleeping at night. It's becoming a familiar pattern with many of us on WU these days, including me. Recent, damp gray weather doesn't help the situation nor my consumption of too much caffeine to compensate. Daily frequent tea breaks are a natural inclination for me, especially, while attempting to accomplish attentive tasks. I tend to pay the piper come nightime due to final over-stimulation. Live and learn. LOL!

Looks like we're finally out of our three day damp and dour spell and are about to enter a return to sunshine and warmth. YEAH! Would love to, once again, be able to throw more chicken breasts on the gas grill and toss up a nice salad for suppertimes. Sure beats indoor cooking or, dare I say, microwaved meals. LOL! It's all about the K-I-S-S method these days.

May your weather perk up and remain perfect for some of those enjoyable outdoor activities of yours and may nightfall somehow bring you the needed REM sleep you crave. You deserve, at least, that!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
102. Proserpina
14:08:GMT den 16. mai 2012
The writer Carlos Fuentes died yesterday. You can read about his life and passing here: s-fuentes-20120516,0,90903.story

Years ago I met Carlos Fuentes at George Mason University. He was a visiting professor there and taught some courses. I went to some of his lectures and I got the opportunity to meet him and chat for a little bit. Of course he was interesting and I was awed! My favorite novel written by him is " The Death of Artemio Cruz".

RIP Carlos Fuentes.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
101. sandiquiz
13:21:GMT den 16. mai 2012
I saw you were going back to bed to catch up on your sleep. Hope you are still sleeping!

I had a good sleep last night, and I awoke refreshed!

You are trying to get back into the swing of doingyour paintings? I also need to get back into my WC painting for my illustrations. Like anything, you get out of practice when you don't do it regularly. I really want to finish the words, then I can concentrate on the pictures.

Happy Wednesday to you, too:)
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
100. Proserpina
12:01:GMT den 16. mai 2012
Good morning Alley. I wish that I could say that I slept like a baby but I cannot. Rough going last night. I hope that you got some rest.

We have had some wet weather the last few days and nights. I believe that we are going to begin to dry out today. I too have some outside chores but the ground and vegetation are just too wet for me.

I did get some WC painting done yesterday but I am not happy with what I have painted so far. I also painted the day before yesterday and that 'work' is now in the trash!

I used to watch Dancing With The Stars but the last couple of years I stopped. I do not recall why I stopped watching the show. I do see snippets on tv programs and news. The news kept showing the girl who fell and 'lost it'. I hope she is ok. I have been watching American Idol and although I like a few, I want Josh to win. He is only 19 and has the showmanship and voice of a much more seasoned man. I have also started to watch America Has Got Talent but if they do not come up with better talent and presentation of judges, I will stop watching. I want P Morgan to come back with his tart tongue! Feel good panel is too faky, so far.

I watched the last episode of Housewives and I think that we were all ready to say goodby to that show. Funny, racy, poignant, etc. but it had gotten stale. I am also enjoying the book I am reading but I am not reading as much as I would like. I am too restless to just sit for a few hours reading! Yet, I used to gladly do so for most of my life. Oh well.

Today it will be more of the same activities. I did not make plans to go out for any reason. Tomorrow is my class and Friday I meet a bunch of my retired colleagues for our periodic get together at a restaurant. And life goes on...

Wishing you a good day my friend.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
99. Alleyoops
08:35:GMT den 16. mai 2012
Good early morning PROS. Hope you are getting some much needed rest. We have rain north of us and I hope it stays there. Prefer to keep it dry here for a few days so I can get some things done that need finishing outdoors. Hard to believe its Wednesday already. This week is going by too fast.

Don't know if you watch Dancing with the Stars but there was quite an upset last night as the last 3 couples move on to the finals next week. Although my preferences all made it through the top scoring couple ended up going home. I guess more folks are tired of all the flash and are voting for the underdogs...Could be a good sign of things to come...

Anyway dear one, have yourself a great day. Now I think I will lay me down and try to finish that sleep I needed. BIG HUGS
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
98. Proserpina
23:01:GMT den 15. mai 2012
MASS, I hope your day was a sunny one. We were supposed to get more rain today but instead we got sunshine. No complaints!
I had another quiet day, painted, read, crossword puzzle completed, laundry done and ready for folding, walk with K taken,... Simple things but I filled up the time. Hubby went golfing and he too is happy because it did not rain. Take care Mass.

, were you able to complete the job on the boat? Did the rain stay away long enough?
I am curious to find out what you found from the census. In my research I gleaned lots of info from the census records, both here in the USA and in Italy. I'm going to do more reading before an 8 o'clock TV program I am going to watch. Take care.

Hi Sandi, I am so glad that you used those photos for the card. You always do such a wonderful job making collages.
You are due for some good weather, hopefully tomorrow you will have a nice sunny and clear sky.
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
97. Proserpina
16:10:GMT den 15. mai 2012
GG, ROFLOL That's preciously funny! Love it! A serendipitous Phoenix end/butt! HEHEHEHE!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
96. GardenGrrl
16:01:GMT den 15. mai 2012
The photo approver has a sense of humor. I put in a series of photos as "portraits" so Ylee could see them. You will note by my new avatar, someone thought it would make a cute primary portrait lol!

Guess it is sort of Phoenix related ;-)
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
95. masshysteria
15:47:GMT den 15. mai 2012
Good Morning, Pros ~

Sounds like you, too, took a more low-keyed approach to Mother's Day and remain pacing yourself doing what you most enjoy.

Despite some intermittent downpours, yesterday, with possible t'storms expected later today and parts of tomorrow, we're capitalizing on this glorious, partly sunny 70ish start to our day. It really helps the spirits, first thing the am, to be able to open up some windows and breath in some fresh, reduced-pollened air! Ahhh!

Hope your Tuesday and/or week is a good one and that you're up to feeling like your usually productive self! Thanks again for the lovely flower graphic for Mother's Day and the wonderful sentiment. Most appreciative, especially, when, though not a mom, myself, some men just don't get how we must Mommy them at times. LOL!
Member Since: desember 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
94. shoreacres
13:56:GMT den 15. mai 2012
Morning, Pros - just a note to say hi. I've got to get out of here and get to work. I was up until midnight working on a new post, and then Dixie decided it was to be another 4 a.m. wakeup call. By the time I got her settled again, I fell back asleep and didn't wake up until 6:30, so I'm already running behind.

There's a little rain about, so I dare not dally - have a few things to do to get another job finished up by tomorrow. I should make it if we don't have constant gully-washers!

I meant to tell you - quite by accident I bumped into a 1925 census for mom's town. More about that later. ;) Have a good day!
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